The GUARANTEE is that you'll make back 10% ABOVE Your Advertising Costs!

If your advertising costs with us are $3000.00 -- we guarantee you'll make back $3300.00!

We'll provide additional advertising for FREE - until you do make that
10% above advertising costs back --- as we promise you!

You Have Nothing To Lose! (as they say) & Everything to Gain by Purchasing

Buy-To-WIN Advertising!

Below, are dozens of Advertising Samples in many categories. ADS themselves are NOT on these pages. These are all samples. You may use them if your wish to, or change them anyway you wish to, or come up with completely new ideas! You may design your own ads, or have us design them for you. Also, with Buy-To-Win Advertising, we do not charge you or limit your ad to size restrictions. Your ad can be as wide as the screen and as tall as you want it (within reason), and you pay nothing extra. (Everything must be responsive, however). Please bear in mind that huge complicated pictures can slow down process speed significantly. Although we do not want to limit your size, if your ad slows loading time significantly, we will be forced to make it smaller and faster loading. Please keep your ad under a half a gig.

When you purchase a Buy-To-Win Advertisement, you purchase to be shown in 1 Contest (of your choice) at a time. Your Buy-To-Win Advertisement is shown on the Contest's Entry, Edit, & Advertising Page below the Contest's picture upload and/or video upload widgets. If you wish to display advertisements in multiple Contests, you must pay inexpensive Advertising Fees for each additional Contest, but you only need to fill out the Form once (under your category heading), and we'll handle the different venues for your AD or Advertisement(s). Also, if you sell different products or have different prices for different countries, states/provinces, or cities, one of several unique advantages of advertising with Buy-To-Win Advertising is that we allow you 3 Free Repeat Videos or Banners, etc. If your company, products, or services are in multiple countries and you need different videos (spoken in each country's native language, for example) this is a great service additory to the unique Advertising Package that we already offer you. If you need more than the 3 FREE Countries, 3 FREE States/Provinces or 3 FREE Cities that we offer to you, for a total of 9 repeat Banners and/or Videos, the AD PLACEMENT cost for each additional Video or Banner is $20.00 each. Also, if you are a company who wants to advertise in foreign countries, we can handle the translation of your video or banner. For translated languages videos we charge $300.00 -- This covers a native speaker who speaks both the language of your current video (such as English) and the language(s) you want a new video to be translated and made into (such as Thai or Malaysian or Chinese, etc.). If you desire any customized work like this and it is not found on the form, please contact us with your needs at:

Note: For now, until we get our first Advertiser, the (15), the (30) and the (200) are samples. Each Contest will list how many Advertisers are participating.
The (15), the (30), the (20) denote how many Advertisers are advertising in a contest group.

Restaurants    |    Grocery Stores    |    Food Products, Food Manufacturers    |    Department Stores, Products, Etc.   

Appliance Stores, Products, Etc.    |    Furniture Stores, Products, Etc.    |    Clothing Stores, Products, Etc.   

Office Supply Stores, Products, Etc.    |    Book Stores, Products, Etc.    |    Thrift Stores, Products, Etc.   

Real Estate - Homes    |    Real Estate - Apartments    |    Real Estate - Businesses, Offices, etc.   

Home Services, Plumbers, Electricians, Etc.    |    Construction, Services, Parts, Etc.    |    Micro Businesses   

Insurance    |    Financial Services, Loans, Stock, Etc.    |    Banks    |    Attornies   

Other Products    |    Other Services    |    Shopping Sprees   

Refurbished Projects    |    Beauty Stores, Products, Etc.    |    Health Stores, Products, Etc.   

Medical Doctors, Etc.    |    Dentists    |    Other Health Care Professionals, Etc.    |    Veterinarians   

Sports Stores, Products, Tickets, Etc.    |    Entertainment Stores, Products, Tickets, Etc.    |    Rentals   

Hotels, Motels, Etc. (15)    |    Travel Destinations, Tourist Attractions, Products, Etc.    |    Transportation, Rentals, Tickets, Etc.   

Automobile Sales (30)    |    Automobile Parts, Repairs, Etc.    |    Truck Sales    |    Truck Parts, Repair, Etc.   

Motorcycle Sales, Parts, Repair, Etc.    |    Bicycle Sales, Parts, Repair, Etc.    |    Other Vehicular Sales, Etc.   

Boat Sales, Parts, Repair, Etc.    |    Plane Sales, Parts, Repair, Etc.    |    Other Transportation Sales, Parts, Repair, Etc.   

Baby Products And Services, Etc.    |    Children Products And Services, Etc.    |    Education, Products And Services, Etc.   

Movies, Videos, Products, Services, etc.    |    Music Sales, Services, Products, etc.    |    Computer Sales, Services, Products, etc.   

Animals, Pet Sales, Services, Products, etc.    |    Dating, Marriage, etc.    |    Cash Jackpots Advertising (200)   

Truck Parts / Repairs Buy-To-Win Advertising Contests

There are no actual Advertisements on this page. Advertisement Contests are found on the EDIT Pages for each Contest. An Advertiser pays for positioning in 1 Contest at a time.

The Win Products In Our Store

Cash Jackpot Advertising Contest ---

Scenario: You the Advertiser put up a Specific Amount of Products Won in Your Store as an Advertising Cash Jackpot Contest. Anyone can play: This Contest is FREE TO PLAY --- meaning CJC does not charge a fee to play it, however, Participants must buy something from your website or store location. After they buy their product(s), they must make a .png picture of the receipt of what they bought, and enter this picture into their database membership. The picture must be readable and identify payment to your website or store location. After Purchase to you is verified by CJC staff, CJC lets that person into your Contest Page. Although contests can vary we currently are doing The Famous Person Scrambled Letters Contest. The person who correctly unscrambles the letters & names the famous person - Wins The Specific Amount of Products In Your Store!

Example & Explanation Of Puzzle: "rdatibtp" unscrambled correctly spells "Brad Pitt" (Note: Do not think these Contests are this easy to solve! CJC makes the Contests at first very difficult to solve! Furthermore, a person is only allowed to submit one name every 24 hours. If, nearing Contest end, the Contest has not been solved, (which probably will be what happens) then we make the Scrambled Words easier to solve so that someone wins it. Contests last a minimum of 1 month, and as many as 6 months - depending on how many participants have Donated/Contributed into the Cash Jackpot Contest as well as how YOU OUR ADVERTISERS are doing making your Advertising Costs back as well as the promised 10% ABOVE YOUR COSTS. Even if someone has correctly solved the Scrambled Words Puzzle, we do not award the Advertising Cash Jackpot or the Advertising Prize to the Winner immediately - IF the bulk of our Advertisers have not made their money back + the promised 10%. This too is the part of The Buy-To-Win Advertising Schematic that should be a big positive in your decision to advertise with us: we give you time and even extended time to profit with us. More than any advertising venue in the world, CJC has your back! If you find what we offer your business is more attractive than what Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. offers you, then please sign up for Buy-To-Win Advertising using the form at the bottom of this page ...)

Pros & Cons Of This Contest: The Win Products In Your Store is affordable for any Truck Parts Store to sponsor. Almost everyone who sees this Truck Parts Store Advertisement Contest will vie to win it, and the purchase requirement is easy enough. It isn't that hard to spend $200.00 in a Parts Store! Furthermore, there are dozens or even hundreds of professional mechanics near your store that regularly spend hundreds of dollars purchasing auto and truck parts. So why purchase from another Parts Store without a Contest Giveaway when they have the opportunity to win $2000.00 (or whatever) worth of parts from your store? Some will even drive many miles for this very reason ...

As with all Buy To Win Advertising, your Contest influences people to enter your website or store and look around: which is the primary purpose of online website ads.
But unlike other advertising in the world (to the best of our knowledge),

Buy To Win Advertising is the only Advertising that GUARANTEES people actually PURCHASE FROM YOU!  


Buy To Win Advertising GUARANTEES you'll not only make your Advertising Expenses with us back --- !!!      

CJC charges $200.00 to host this Contest for you the Advertiser. Plus, you must deposit your Advertising Contest Cash Jackpot AMOUNT into Escrow, or if it is a Prize or a Service you offer, you must valuate it or them into a monetary amount and deposit that refundable monetary amount (refundable only for Prizes and Services offered once the Prize or Service IS awarded), into an Escrow Service. such as:

We prefer you to use a professional Escrow Service, but they can be expensive. If you wish to save money, you can deposit the same into a bank account especially designed for . We'll do it for a flat $50.00, since your Advertising Contest is already charged an Advertising Fee by us and also your Advertising Contest helps our website to grow. We will however charge for any required bank fees, Paypal fees, Xoom fees, whatever. Also, as extra security for you, the Advertiser, optionally, we may be able to make it a JOINT bank account, with your confirmation as well as our confirmation in order for the funds to be released. Such option would require a clear contract stating the purpose of the funds (TO AWARD THE CONTEST WINNER THE PROMISED CASH JACKPOT OR PRIZE OR SERVICE) and that once verified that all criteria has been met, CJC will determine it is time to release the funds and you, the Advertiser, if you are a co-signer, etc. need to immediately confer with us and release the funds. If you wish to not use a preferred professional Escrow Service, then please contact us for possiblly using CJC itself as the Escrow Service. Again, this is not our preferred method, and should not be available to companies and businesses that CAN & SHOULD use a regular Professional Escrow Service.

Participants can play this Contest for FREE + the Mandatory Minimum Purchase of buying something from your store or website.


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