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Become a Partner With Us Even For Small Money Investments,
or Even For An Hour's Work Each Day!

1- You are required to invest something each day. Or you can do it once a week on weekends or something. This can be either money or work, or both. We're not going to set a figure on either: you make us a Commitment Offer and what Contests you wish to be included in your Imbursement Plan, and we'll decide if it is acceptable.

2- Imbursement Plans offer Contests to each Partner. is a website with thousands of contests on it and the potential for hundreds of thousands or even millions of contests on it. Almost any photograph topic can be made into a Photo Contest. Virtually any singer or song can be made into a Video Contest. When you become a Partner of ours through either a monetary investment or a work commitment, or both, you receive Contests that will belong to you. You choose which Contests you want to Franchise from Contests that are already available and/or from Contests you dream up. When you Franchise a Contest, you own it for life, or until you stop contributing daily money and/or work into the website. As long as you work it and/or continue to make Franchise Payments on it, it's your's! The number of these Imbursement Contests awarded to you depend on the size of your Commitment Offer AND which Contests you wish to Franchise. Proven Popular Contests and Contests with a high possibility of success require a higher Commitment Offer than Contests which are not as viable. When a Contest is Franchised to the Share Partner, that Contest and most of its revenues belong to the Share Partner. YOU are the Share Partner. You are responsible for some things connected with your Contests, but, like other Franchises, you will be assisted by the Franchiser, in this case, CJC. We will handle most of the website details and you must follow CJC's rules and policies and looks. Your main duty as Franchisee is to market, find people to participate in your Contest(s) AND find businesses to Advertise in your Contest(s). You also will have a few other duties.

3- All Contests have their own Advertisements. You receive 70% of these Advertising Revenues. CashJackpotContests receives 30%. Our roles are programatically, such as putting the Advertisement in their places on the webpages, monitoring the database, speaking somewhat with the Advertiser (although you also do this), making sure their Advertising Prize or Cash is entered into Escrow, and awarding the Contest Prizes, Cash Jackpots, etc. Additionally, we help lead Advertisers to your Contests. These roles by CJC are vital for your success and ease your burdens, some of which you wouldn't know how to do and, you wouldn't have access to: i.e. - We're not going to let thousands of Contest Sponsors into our database, etc. So the 30% we earn from your Advertisers is a necessary expense by you, and part of your business. (All businesses have necessary expenses.) Your role for the 70% is to Sponsor the Contest, including a Cash Jackpot or a Prize Jackpot (which also must be entered either into a professional Escrow Service, such as , or by sending your Cash Jackpot Money, or the worth of a Prize Jackpot, to CJC to act as an Escrow for you. For example, if you fund the Cash Jackpot for your Contest with $20.00 - then you must deposit $20.00 into Escrow. If you fund the Cash Jackpot for your Contest with $100.00 - then you must deposit $100.00 into Escrow. If you fund $1000.00, or whatever, the same. You must ESCROW whatever you commit to dole out to your Contest Winners. If you use CJC as your Escrow, we charge 10% of whatever your Cash Jackpot is worth:

CJC Contest Escrow Fees (samples)

  $20.00 Cash Jackpot = $20.00 into Escrow + $2.00 CJC Escrow Fee

  $50.00 Cash Jackpot = $50.00 into Escrow + $5.00 CJC Escrow Fee

  $100.00 Cash Jackpot = $100.00 into Escrow + $10.00 CJC Escrow Fee

  $200.00 Cash Jackpot = $200.00 into Escrow + $20.00 CJC Escrow Fee

  $500.00 Cash Jackpot = $500.00 into Escrow + $50.00 CJC Escrow Fee

  $1000.00 Cash Jackpot = $1000.00 into Escrow + $100.00 CJC Escrow Fee

  $5000.00 Cash Jackpot = $5000.00 into Escrow + $500.00 CJC Escrow Fee

4- If CJC is solvent AND has money to lend, you, our Share Partner, may qualify for a loan to help you with your Contest or Contests.

5- CJC Share Partners shall have a vote (and may suggest) what happens with the business, which Contests are included, etc., BUT, final decisions rest with the CEO, President, and Founder - Erving Axel Lambert.

6- Once everything is agreed upon between CJC and a Share Partner, a Contract will be written. This contract for both partners must contain a picture of legal id, such as a drivers license or passport, and must be notarized.

7- Once the Contract is received by the Share Partner, the Commitment Offer must be fulfilled (or started to be fulfilled) immediately. If the Commitment Offer is not honored by either party, (Breach of Contract), either party may take it to a Court WITHOUT any resistance from the other party, except for something other than not fulfilling what is written in the Contract.

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