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This Contest is Rated PG-13. Although partial-nudity, partial-lovemaking and partial violence can be shown in PG-13 contests, we do not allow (women's) nipples, excessive butt, or genitals, or hip-to-hip up-and-down action, etc. Violence should not be overly bloody and dismemberments if any should not be overly graphic. Also, we do not condone using the name of Jesus Christ in irreverent ways or anything that tries to claim that God's last name is "Damn." With most things, we will warn you and ask you to change or modify it; other things such as pornography will immediately (upon discovery) be eliminated and your account closed.

Users vote for the Any 1990's Song Cover Video they like the best. Although it is FREE to View, Vote, and Play this Contest, a Winner only receives the Cash Jackpot if he or she has contributed into the Cash Jackpot through a Donation. You can Donate if you wish or not Donate. It's up to you. But Donating does not up your chances of winning, since the Winner is chosen through a combination of Public Vote & Staff Judging. Let's repeat that: the amount you Donate does not up your chances of winning. However, for those among you who want to Win the Cash Jackpot, you need to Contribute into the Cash Jackpot. The minimum is $2.00 but, if the Contest is won by you, a small contribution such as $2.00 yields only a small Cash Jackpot. In order to win big, you need to Donate/Contribute big.

When someone is chosen the Winner because his/her video, picture, or GIF has received enough Public Votes to get him or her into the Top 10, Staff finalizes the Winner. A main reason we do not just allow the Number 1 Public Voted Video, Picture, or Gif to Win without dispute or checking on it, is because each of our Contests have the real possibility of "Vote Fixing." "Vote Fixing" might occur, especially when a Cash Jackpot is huge, such as worth $50,000.00 (It does not need to be that huge, it could be done even with something like $1000). But the essence is the same. A person with money wants to Win the Cash Jackpot and comes up with the clever idea of paying people to Vote for his entry. With a huge Cash Jackpot such as $50,000.00, a financially well-to-do person could "invest" $10,000.00, paying 5000 poor Filipinos for example $2.00 each, and he would have 5000 more votes than probably everyone else in the Contest and "net" a $40,000.00 profit! This probably will not happen very often, but it's almost a sure thing to sometimes happen. Therefore Staff has to evaluate the 1st Place Winner (according to Public Votes) in each and every Contest. It may not always be easy to tell if someone is "Vote Fixing," but we'll try our best (for the rest of our Contestants to have a fair playing environment). One way we'll Judge is whether that Number 1 Public Voted Video, Pic, or Gif is good enough to be in that Number 1 Position? Something of poor quality or content yet has 100,000 votes, doesn't seem credible. So we'll ask the Contributor himself, why does he have so many votes ...?

Another thing we check for in the Number 1 Voted For Position is if that Winner has played for FREE, or, with a Contribution of any size. Winners who have played Free are announced as A Free Winner. NOTE: Our objective is NOT to have Free Winners! We want everyone to HELP GROW THE CASH JACKPOT! Realistically speaking there are only 2 reasons for you to Donate/Contribute at least $2.00 into the Cash Jackpot: 1- You believe in your video, picture, or gif that it can Win; or 2- You want to HELP GROW THE CASH JACKPOT! - help make the Contest successful. And why would you want to help make the Contest successful? Because it's either fun to do so, or you feel it's your duty to help it. Because most people won't contribute into something unless there's something in it for them, most people will only Contribute/Donate IF they think they have a chance of Winning. The majority of people might either be unsure of how good the competition is or procrastinators. So here's what we do. We allow you 2 weeks to decide whether you want to Contribute/Donate. If you have not Contributed/Donated within 2 weeks after you joined, then your chance of Winning as the Cash Jackpot Winner is Nullified. You can still win as A Free Winner, but to Win as a Cash Jackpot Winner you must Contribute/Donate--- and you must do so within 2 weeks.

Those who have played having Contributed/Donated are announced as The Cash Jackpot Winner. (Hopefully all Winners will be in this category). A Winner of a Contest who Donated a Minimum $2.00 Donation Wins a Cash Jackpot from all Entrants who Donated/Contributed $2.00. (A Winner only wins from those whose Contribution/Donation is Equal To or Below his/her own Contribution/Donation.) What this means is that if you Donated/Contributed $20.00 into the Cash Jackpot Contest you entered, and you Win that Contest, you then Win a Cash Jackpot from the aggregates of all Entrants who Contributed/Donated $20.00 or anything less than $20.00: all those whose Contribution was $10.00 or whose Contribution was $8.00 or whose Contribution was $6.00, $4.00, or the Minimum $2.00. But you would not win anything higher than the $20.00 you Contributed/Donated, such as the hundreds or thousands of dollars Contributed/Donated on the $30.00, $40.00, $50.00, or $100.00 Contribution Levels. To win any of those you need to Contribute/Donate on those levels, with the $100.00 Level winning everything. If you believe in your Entry and want to win everything there is to Win, you need to Contribute the maximum $100.00. If you do not totally believe in your entry, but only believe there is a chance it might win, then you might choose to Contribute less, or even just the minimum $2.00 ...

One reason we created this system was because we do not rely on Sponsors to fund Cash Jackpots, as most contests do. Finding a Sponsor is hard enough when doing just 1 contest, let alone hundreds or thousands of contests. Although Leasees and Franchisees put up the initial Cash Jackpots, it is the Participants themselves who really grow the Cash Jackpots. YOU, in other words. And we want our Cash Jackpots to be worth $tens of thousands of dollars, therefore we request everyone to contribute at least $10.00 or $20.00 --- rather than just the minimal two dollars. Nonetheless, the choice is your's whether to Contribute at all, and how much you wish to Contribute ...

(You do not have to Contribute/donate in order to participate, this Contest is
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